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The products

Pharmallerga provides a broad range of species native to the temperate and subtroprical climate zones. Click here for an overview of our assortment

Our annual production exceeds a metric ton and is highly scalable to satisfy essentially any level of demand at an attractive price level.

Pharmallerga's pollens are widely renowned for exceptional quality and continue to meet and exceed established industry standards worldwide, thanks to proprietary collection and processing technologies developed and fine-tuned over several decades by the founder, Mr. Jiri Drab, an expert in fluid dynamics, enabling extremely efficient production of massive quantities of pollens at an extraordinary level of purity.

Originating in attentively hand-picked localities in the pristine nature of Central Europe as well as organic monocultures, our products are available in both defatted and natural variants. To guarantee the highest grade of quality possible, comprehensive testing is performed routinely on all batches.

Utmost attention is dedicated to the highest standards of quality, reliability and client satisfaction.

With orders placed sufficiently in advance, we can satisfy effectively any and all your pollen needs.