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Welcome to Pharmallerga.

Pharmallerga is probably the largest independent producer of pure plant pollens in the world.

With more than 30 years of experience and industry-leading quality of products enabled by our proprietary technology, we're able to supply you with a broad assortment of more than 100 pollen species, in quantities ranging from free research samples to many hundreds of kilograms for industrial scale pharmaceutical production - or whatever other use you may have for it.

Our annual production already exceeds a metric ton and is highly scalable further. With orders placed sufficiently in advance, we can satisfy essentially any scale of production, at an attractive price level.

Enjoying a standing cooperation and outstanding relations with most companies in the industry as well as leading universities and research institutions worldwide, we at Pharmallerga believe in putting quality and reliability first.

In addition to our pollens' main use in clinical immunotherapy, we support, typically free of charge, diverse research programmes in fields like medical, atmospheric, environmental, biochemical and nanotechnological sciences, as well as artificial pollination and agricultural crop yield improvement projects with both private and public sector partners. In a world of rising food insecurity and growing awareness of the drawbacks of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, natural and sustainable ways of improving yields are an emerging frontier of innovation that Pharmallerga is proud to be positioned at.

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